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Thursday, February 23, 2012

film review

apa kabar suma...

sori aritu ngat nak wat entry baru tapi
line tenet sgt la lemb!!
tu yg tiba2 kuar camni..
sy sambung balik ye..
baru2 ni ada tgk movie 'nippon'
mcm besa psl anjing baka 'nippon' 
yg cute tu..
ceta sgt la sedih mcm 'HACHIKO & PRINCE SNOW..
tajuk movie ni 'A TALE OF MARI & THREE PUPPIES'
ni sy sertakan sipnosis skali ye
rasanya ni pun based on true story gak..

the sinopsis

Three puppies born on the day of an earthquake

On the fateful morning of October 23, 2004, a dog named Mari gave birth to three puppies in Yamakoshi Village, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. That evening, a severe earthquake struck Niigata and devastated the Village, causing almost all of its homes to collapse, including the one where Mari lived. During the quake the newborn puppies were jolted away from their mother, and since their eyes were still closed, they could not find their way back to her side. Also, because she was bound by a leash, Mari could not reach her babies. She tried repeatedly to pull free from the leash, but to no avail. Then, several tremors occurred and Mari tried even harder to break free until her neck began to bleed. Suddenly, another strong aftershock struck, Mari struggled with all her might, and the collar suddenly came loose. Next she quickly picked up her puppies, moved them to a safe place, and without taking a rest ran toward the ruins that were once her house.

Courageous rescue of grandfather

The grandfather of Mari’s family was home alone that day. He lived on the second floor, but suffered from a neurological disorder that made it impossible for him to stand on his feet or climb the stairs unassisted. After the earthquake, the old man was immobilized as he had been trapped beneath a wardrobe. Aftershocks and the total darkness resulting from a power outage pushed him into desperately thinking that death might be around the corner. Just then, Mari appeared in his room on the second floor and looked at him with encouraging eyes. The grandfather had been slipping into unconsciousness, but when he saw Mari he regained awareness although he was still immobilized. Mari then licked him to give him encouragement and went downstairs several times to check on her pups before quickly returning to the man’s room. She ran back and forth many times even though her paws had been injured by the sharp-edged glass and pieces of porcelain that lay all over the floor. Each trip gave her new wounds, but Mari managed to kindle new hope in the grandfather’s heart, and looking at Mari he thought, “I must live on. I cannot give up,” Finally, he pushed at the wardrobe with all his strength, it gave way and he managed to free himself. Then with Mari's encouragement, the grandfather spent two hours climbing down the stairs—a feat he had previously been unable to accomplish without help. Upon reaching the ground floor, he was happy to find that the three puppies were safe and sound.

A sad parting and further ordeals

After the October 23, 2004 earthquake Yamakoshi Village was in a state of total destruction and isolation as all local roads had been cut off. And with a continuous series of aftershocks increasing the danger of landslides, on October 25 all the villagers were evacuated by helicopter to a nearby accommodation center. Under these circumstances, the grandfather was forced to leave Mari behind for in times of disaster saving human lives is the main concern. He left all of his pet food for his beloved dog, prayed that she and her pups would be safe and took off her collar. Then, with no other options, as he boarded the helicopter to leave behind the one who had saved his life, he said with guilt and sadness, "I’m very sorry, Mari," and felt heart-broken as Mari howled in deep sorrow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a conetto love...

apa kabar suma..

juz nak share beberapa picisan
hasil keja saya yg xseberapa ni...
sy mulakan dgn pre wedding dulu..

setelah sekian lama...

apa kabar suma?

sudah lama rasa saya(iols)
tak wat entry baru..
gommene minna...
mihehehehehe still ada g ke org yg nak baca blog ni..
tapi xpelah xkisah janji blog ni xmayi begitu sahaja..
bukan sebab malas nak wat entry baru..
tp bz dgn keja amal..
ada banyak benda yg terjadi tp xtahu camne nak ceta..
sedih,gembira,marah sumanya berlaku dalam masa yang sama..
juz sy xtaw nak ceta camne g..
hanya pada hati ini saja yg dapa ceritakan..
apa2 hal sy akan berusaha kembali berblogging..
ok sampai disini saja ye...